Vision, Purpose, and Schoolwide Learner Outcomes


     Gethsemane Baptist Christian School exists to support parents and guardians in their biblical responsibility to nurture and train their children.  Thus, GBCS provides opportunities which allow students to realize their God-given potential and to live lives that glorify God in all aspects of life—spiritual, academic, social, physical, and vocational.


     Gethsemane Baptist Christian School seeks to lead students to faith in Jesus Christ and to develop young men and women who adhere to a Christian worldview, prepared to participate as godly members of home, church, and society.


     The purpose of Gethsemane Baptist Christian School, based on Luke 2:52, is to educate and train the whole student—physically, socially, intellectually, and spiritually.  GBCS is a ministry of Gethsemane Baptist Church.  As such, it adheres to the doctrinal statement of the church.  Recognizing that the primary responsibility for education rests with parents (Psalm 78:5-6), Gethsemane Baptist Christian School serves as an extension of the family to aid parents in this task.

     The philosophy of GBCS is based on the premise that man’s ultimate purpose is to glorify God (I Cor. 6:19-20; 10:31).  GBCS exists to help each student reach his full potential by guiding him in developing spiritually and morally, personally, socially, and academically.


Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Gethsemane Baptist Christian School will prepare graduates to be:

  1. Critical Thinkers who:
    1. demonstrate sufficient knowledge to exceed California standards in Mathematics, Science, English, and Social Studies.
    2. can apply the knowledge they have gained to real life situations.
    3. can apply Biblical principles to real life situations.
  2. Independent Citizens who:
    1. demonstrate integrity by being honest, hard-working, self-motivated, responsible, and reliable individuals.
    2. abide by the law and respect the authorities placed over them.
    3. put others first.
    4. maintain a Biblical world view.
  3. Reliant Christians who:
    1. live their lives trusting God to sustain them.
    2. are determined to follow God’s plan for their life.
    3. will serve God in a local church regardless of their chosen vocation.
    4. have a strong testimony and bold witness for Christ.
  4. Continual Learners who:
    1. are able to excel at the next level of academics.
    2. are able to develop new skills and adapt to changing technologies.
    3. continue to study God’s Word and desire to grow spiritually.
  5. Able Communicators who:
    1. are able to express themselves through both written and verbal forms of communication.
    2. are ready and able to answer anyone about their faith, especially their faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.